Securing a holiday mortgage whilst overseas

Are you a British expat who wants to purchase a UK property to rent out to holidaymakers, or an existing residential property investor looking to expand into holiday lets? Are you an overseas buyer who prefers to purchase using a foreign currency instead of GBP, but you’re unsure if this is possible?

At Diamond Property Finance, we specialize in arranging foreign currency and short-term let mortgages with private and specialist banks. Please contact us to discuss your lending requirements and options.

Case Profile:

Our client, a UK expat residing in Switzerland, was interested in purchasing a property next to a hotel to rent out as a holiday let. However, the leasehold created potential issues, and our client wanted to repay the mortgage in Swiss Francs, but was having difficulty finding a lender who was willing to offer a short-term let foreign currency mortgage.

Although our client had a strong borrowing history, having a sizeable residential Swiss mortgage and a portfolio of residential buy-to-let properties in the UK, some lenders were hesitant to lend to her because they considered her to be a BTL portfolio landlord.

As specialists in securing this type of funding, we were able to help.


We were confident that we could find the right solution by approaching a specialist lender. We have a close relationship with these lenders, who have expertise in organising short-term let mortgages and are willing to accept payments in foreign currencies.

We negotiated a £642,450 interest-only mortgage with a 61.31% LTV over 20 years, and the lender was content with accepting payment in Swiss Francs, as well as our client’s status as a BTL landlord. Despite the property having no rental income history, the lender was satisfied with the projected income levels provided by a local property agent.

We also worked with the lender’s legal and credit teams to ensure that they were comfortable with the neighbouring hotel as the freeholder of the property’s lease. The holiday residents at the property would have access to the hotel’s leisure facilities.

Our client was thrilled with the outcome, and we were delighted to source a lender who was willing to provide such a complex mortgage with competitive terms.