At Diamond Property Finance, we offer assistance to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients through a variety of private banks.

Private banks often have more flexible lending criteria than traditional high street banks, which can be advantageous for those with complex financial situations or who require a larger loan amount. Private banks can also offer more personalised service and tailored mortgage products, including bespoke repayment structures and interest rates. Private banks can also provide additional services such as wealth management and investment advice, which can be beneficial for those looking to optimise their financial planning.

Overall, obtaining a mortgage from a private bank can provide a range of benefits for those with more complex financial situations or who require a personalised approach to their borrowing needs.

  • £500,000 to £10,000,000+
  • Complex structures including onshore, offshore entities & trust structures
  • High Net Worth (HNW) exemptions including pre-funded, rolled interest and high loan to value interest-only mortgages
  • Lombard lending
  • Potential to raise up to 100% finance against a variety of asset classes.
  • Whether you are based in the UK, a UK ex-pat or are a foreign national a private bank could be right for you


Why should I consider a private bank mortgage?

Considering a private bank mortgage offers several advantages. Private banks provide bespoke and flexible mortgage solutions tailored to individual needs. They often offer more personalised services, taking into account non-traditional income sources and complex financial situations. Additionally, private banks may provide exclusive perks and benefits, enhancing the overall mortgage experience.

How do private bank mortgages work?

Private bank mortgages work by leveraging the financial expertise and flexibility of private banking institutions. Unlike traditional lenders, private banks customise mortgage solutions based on individual financial profiles. The process involves a thorough assessment of the borrower’s financial situation, allowing for more personalised underwriting. Private bank mortgages often come with unique terms, catering to specific requirements and offering a higher degree of flexibility compared to standard mortgages.

How long does a private mortgage take?

The duration of a private mortgage process varies based on the complexity of the borrower’s financial situation, the property involved, and the specific requirements of the private bank. While traditional mortgages typically follow a standardised timeline, private mortgages may involve more in-depth assessments, potentially leading to a longer processing time. However, the trade-off is often a more tailored and personalised mortgage solution.

What are the benefits of securing a private bank mortgage?

Securing a private bank mortgage comes with several benefits:

– Personalisation: Private banks tailor mortgage solutions to individual financial situations.

– Flexibility: Private banks may offer more flexibility in terms, accommodating non-traditional income sources.

– Exclusive Perks: Borrowers may enjoy exclusive perks and benefits not offered by traditional lenders.

– Bespoke Solutions: Private banks create customised mortgage plans, addressing specific financial needs.

– Higher Loan Amounts: Private banks may consider higher loan amounts based on comprehensive financial evaluations.