Tailored Solutions: Structuring Mortgages for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Although high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) may seem like ideal candidates for mainstream finance, they often struggle to access mortgages due to their inability to provide evidence of regular income. In such cases, it is advisable to engage an experienced mortgage broker who can take a creative approach to structure loans that cater to unique financial circumstances. largemortgageloans.com works with niche banks that are willing to provide solutions that go beyond standardised criteria.

Case Profile:

We recently worked with an HNWI who had a sophisticated financial profile. While he held significant liquid assets and cash savings, and had generated an additional cash deposit from a recent property sale, he had just started a new business and was unable to prove sufficient income to cover monthly mortgage repayments for his new £2.75m London property. Despite his financial strength, he struggled to find a lender until he contacted us.

pre-funded mortgage


We recognised that the client’s assets were valued at more than £3 million, qualifying him as an HNWI. We worked with a private bank, leveraging our client’s assets to negotiate a pre-funded mortgage with better loan terms. The lender set up a dedicated account to fund the mortgage payments over the next five years, offering our client increased flexibility and improved cash flow. This bespoke solution provided our client with additional time without regular mortgage payments, allowing him to reinvest and grow his business, thus generating higher monthly income to strengthen his financial position going forward. Our client was thrilled with the outcome.