Refinancing a Semi-Commercial Shop & Flats Property for Almost £1 Million

At Diamond Property Finance, we excel in handling complex refinancing cases, especially for properties with mixed-use. Recently, a portfolio landlord approached us to refinance a semi-commercial property in South London, seeking a more advantageous rate than the existing 8.5%.

Case Profile:

The property in question included a ground-floor shop and four flats above, all under a single title. Our client, with over 25 years of experience in property management, derived all their income from their extensive portfolio, presenting a strong case to potential lenders. However, the refinancing presented three key challenges: the commercial nature of the ground floor, the single title for mixed-use units, and one of the units being a studio flat, which could be perceived as a higher risk due to potential difficulties in selling or renting.


To navigate these complexities, we engaged directly with several relationship managers and alternative financing specialists who cater to unique or challenging property types. We crafted a detailed proposal highlighting the client’s robust experience and the financial logic behind the refinancing. Through persistent negotiations and careful management of the underwriting process, we addressed each concern raised by the lenders.

Ultimately, our efforts culminated in securing the required funding of just under £1 million on a 5-year fixed rate significantly lower than the previous rate, at just over 5%. This strategic refinancing move resulted in a substantial monthly savings of over £1,800 for our client.

The successful resolution of this refinancing not only met our client’s financial goals but also demonstrated our expertise in overcoming the specific hurdles associated with semi-commercial properties.