Maximizing Investment Property Opportunities: Raising Capital for Better Negotiations

Are you interested in negotiating a better price for an investment property by raising capital? We have extensive experience in securing large loans for unspecified properties.

Case Profile:

Our client was looking to remortgage their home and raise capital in order to purchase an investment property, which would allow them to negotiate a better deal as a cash buyer. The client received a basic salary supplemented by significant quarterly bonuses and was seeking an interest-only facility with the highest possible borrowing amount.


Drawing on our industry contacts and expertise, we identified lenders offering the highest loan-to-value ratios, and then narrowed down our search to identify the most suitable lender based on their ability to accommodate bonuses in excess of the client’s basic salary and to offer a competitive five-year fixed rate.

We secured a loan of £945,000 over a 21-year term, with £725,000 allocated to repay the client’s existing mortgage and £220,000 raised for the investment property. We were able to obtain an 80% loan-to-value ratio, with 50% on an interest-only basis and the remaining 30% on a repayment basis, all at a highly competitive fixed rate for five years.